Who we are?

Mainly we are in to travel trade business. We are the exclusive agent and general sales agent of yemenia-yemen airways , djibouti airlines and PSA for myanmar airways international GSA for air Bagan Ltd.

Aero Flight Finst Ltd.

We have got a large selection of cockpit crew/CPL/PP holders (pilot) and also ground Engineer for DC 10-30, airbus 310 , and dash 8 for placement to different companies both home and overseas.
with utmost satisfaction to our clints we are also engaged in consultancy.this includes from prepairing project profile to necessary research, gathering relevant data’s and compile them for refernce.

Aero Services Ltd.

with own tranportation facility with in the group we are also engaged in distributing brands to the local market and all over bangladesh.

Aero Trust Ltd.

atwe are in a process of building an orphanage for the orphan and (homeless children with accommodation, school, and play ground. our initial target is to provide accommodation and food shelter for 350 children initially).

The Aero Vision Bangladesh Ltd.

avwe are a fully equipped travel agent in bangladesh with regular and permanent category license from the ministry of civil aviation & tourism.
we have modern computer reservation system with the most courteous reservation,sales and ticketing saffs to serve our clints who keeps on coming back to us as repeated customers.

Aero Ace Ltd.

aacWe are enlisted with central ordance depo(COD) of bangladesh army for various defense purchase & Supply.

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