Brigadier General SK. Abu Bakr MP (Member of Parliament) is a graduate of Rajshahi University served in Pakistan army for 05 years and 25 years in Bangladesh army. Had attended different professional courses in Pakistan, Egypt, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Germany and in the United State of America. Brig. Gen. Bakr MP held staff and command appoinments at different levels. Commanded civil armed forces as sector commander BDR ,commanded 02 armour regiments and 02 brigades 01 armour and 01 infantry brigade. Had also been the director for the armour crops at the bangladesh army headquarters. Had also a tenure of attachment with the british army of the rhines in germany retd. Brig. Gen SK. Abu Bakr MP was also a senior diplomat in bangladesh mission overseas ,retired in 1996. Do maintain a wide range of diplomatic , political and social connections.

The Departmental Head/s

Sales & Marketing  :

General Manager : Mr Shuvro Ahmed

Corporate Affairs :

General Manager: MD. HASSAN IQBAL

Public Relation :

Assistant Manger : SM Mamunuzzman

Management Intern :

Mr. Abiyaz Arik
Miss. Apsara Arik

Vision Management :

General Manager Admin : Ms. Soma Barua
Head Of Finance: Rajib Joarder

The Chief Executive Office

Mr. Arik Morshed the Managing Director & CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the company is a smart dynamic western graduate who is focused mainly into global business concept. He is a key person or can be described as the man behind the success of the aero vision group. Mr. Arik is very well connected both at home and overseas.



iqbalur-rahim-mpMr. Iqbalur Rahim MP (Member of Parliament) and Honorable Whip of Bangladesh National Parliament ( State Minister) ,a well reputed business man ,widely connected , also involved in textile chemical production and distribution business.


Deputy Managing Director

Mr. Humayun Kabir Ripon: Major (Retired) Humayun Kabir Ripon came from a respected family which is generation-wise renowned for its lifetime dedication to the nation and mankind. He served in the corp of Infantry of Bangladesh Army from June 1992. In his colorful carrier in the military and post-retirement stage, he grew his expertise on many militaries and concurrent subjects like Military Training, Operation and Administrative matters, Peace Support with Peace & Conflict issues, National & International Protocol, International Relationships, Safety & Security, Disaster & Crisis Management, Negotiation & Mediation, Anti Corruption Matters, Human Resources, International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Military Business Development & Promotion matters, Project Management, Japanese Kijang, New Factory Establishment Process, Construction & Developments etc.

In his carrier, he served two most prestigious military institutes as a long-time glorious instructor in Bangladesh Military Academy (BMA) and Bangladesh Institute of Peace Support Operation Training (BIPSOT). He served as an international Subject Matter Expert (SME) on UN Pre Deployment Training, hired by US Pacific Command for imparting UN Peace Support Training in Malaysia, Mongolia and Indonesia. He also worked for a long time at Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory (BMTF) Ltd and successfully promoted the business sector for Bangladesh Army. In his service length, he worked with different people of around 25 countries at home & abroad.

Besides, he is a highly experienced person dealing practically in many very crucial and difficult matters related to military high-risk operations, peace negotiation, liaison & coordination, rescue operations, anti-corruption drive, disaster management, protocol duty, business promotion, business negotiation and many other prominent events.

He is a happily married person with one son & one daughter.

He is a fun-loving, interactive, curious and continuously self-developing person, who believes in keeping a commitment, mutual respect, honesty in purpose, and spending time for true mankind.

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